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    Blast Journal forums is an online community for abrasive blasters and anyone involved in surface preparation. Have a question? Start a new topic. Have an answer? Post a reply and share your knowledge. 

    This is a new forum, so there aren’t many rules, and we’d like to keep it that way. Promoting your business is fine, just don’t post spam that doesn’t add to the conversation for the sole purpose of getting a link.

    Let’s keep the tone civil and respectful – this is a forum for sharing knowledge and experiences, so if a thread deteriorates into a flame war, it will be pruned. If you have a problem with a person or company, this is not the place to air your dirty laundry.

    We don’t officially endorse any advice given on this forum, by participants or moderators. If you adopt a tip, trick or practice you learned here and it backfires, we are not responsible.

    One of the goals of this forum is to help you find opportunities through networking, so when you’re ready to join the community, head over to Introductions and tell us who you are, what you do and where you’re from.

    Welcome to the forum!

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