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    I was on a auto resto blasting project last week and nearing completion at the end of the day. Myself and my partner were working on the last few pieces when one of the employees at the shop notice a water and air exiting the hose approximately 8″ downstream of the coupling that attached at the control panel (Geo Blaster 600). We immediately shut down and found a pin hole leak at the top of the hose.

    We determined the failure was where the hose took about a 45 degree bend downward turn and the hole was created at the top of the radius. The abrasive wants to travel in a straight line and the radius was a little much which caused a weakening in the wall at the of the upper part of hose over time, thus leading to hole being created. I have about 230 hrs of blasting on this hose.

    The rest of the hose is in great shape and very solid. I made a quick repair by having about 16″ cut out and I reinstalled the coupling and we are back up and running.

    I have no welding skills but I’m going to have a support built for the blast hose near the panel that will allow a more gradual bend/support of hose.

    We have a check list we use each time before we fire up the machine. This slipped by me so I thought I would share.

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